WITH (in the film) :
Maria deGuzman (Writer/Artist/Academic/Magician)
Jorge Soto Veragua (Graphic Artist)
Ariel Dorfman (Writer/Human Rights Activist)
Hilda Lopez (Historian)
Boris Prado (Kitemaker)
Jorge Montealegre (Poet/Comics Historian)
Jose Concha (Collectionist)
Todd Gitlin (Writer/Journalist)
Tom Engelhardt (Writer/Editor)
Milton Friedman (Economist)
Donald Duck (the 99%)
Uncle Scrooge (the 1%)
Huey, Dewey and Louie (the Children)
Pablo Larrain (Film Director)
Marcial Godoy (Hemispheric Institute)
Rosa Silva (Human Rights Activist)
Cesar Sepulveda (Actor)
Victor Hugo Robles (The Che of the Gays)
Elizabeth Lira (Human Rights Psychologist)
Moira Miller (Theatre Director)
Antonia Zegers (Actress)
Rebel Diaz (Hip Hop Collective)
Rodstarz (Hip Hop Activist)
G1 (Hip Hop Activist)
Subverso (Hip Hop Activist)
Fernando (Student)
Josh McPhee (Graphic Designer/Occuprint)
Andy Bichlbaum (the Yes Men)
Andrew (OWS Actvist)
Plus Brigades
Austin Guest
Amin Hussein
OWS Poster Brigade
Anthony Arnove (Writer/Editor)
John Eustor (Drummer)
Paulo Nazareth (Performance Artists)

AND (in the website) :

Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir
Susan Willis (Cultural Critic)
Carne Ross (Diplomat)
Occupied Wall Street Journal
Jedd Brandt (OWSJ Editor)
Grymm Woman (OWSJ Production Manager)
Michael Levitin (OWSJ Editor)
Jim Hoberman (Film Critic)
Ramon Griffero (Theatre Director)
Carola Jerez (Performance Artist/Writer/Singer)
Carmen Jerez (Poet)
Ricardo Roman (Entrepreneur)
Luis Pastor (CEO Latino Credit Union)
Claudio Arriagada (Mayor of the Commune of La Granja)


The Battle of Chile
Icarus Films

Chile, Imagenes de una Dictadura
Patricio Henriquez

The Pinochet Case
Icarus Films

Inside Pinochet’s Prisons
Journeyman Pictures/Euro TV Productions

Tony Manero
Fabula Films

Nuestro Siglo
TVN Chile

The Yes Men Fix the World
Docurama Films

El Che de los Gay
Universidad Arcis

TVN Chile

Sabado Gigante

Death and the Maiden
Fine Line

Clown Arrested in Near-Successful
Attack On Wall Street
Yes Lab Youtube video

The Three Amigos
Disney Studios

OWS + Brigades make debut in the streets

Milton Friedman on Donahue
Youtube Video

Issue of Ignorance
Youtube Video


Stacy Lanyon
Santiago Llanquin

White House Photo
Ian Jones
Nicholas Jason