This section will feature interviews and conversations dealing with such topics as art and revolution, the Matrix, ideology, art and activism, cooperativism vs. capitalism, torture, 9/11, seduction of the system, the physchology of self-deception, the end of Utopias and many, many more topics that will inspire you to Occupy Your Imagination. Expect videos from the likes of film director Pablo Larrain (of “NO”); cultural critic, Susan Willis (Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Disney World); Todd Gitlin (Occupy Nation, The Sixties); Human Rights psychologist Elizabeth Lira; Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men; Peter Weiss (co-founder of the Center for Constitutional Rights), Chilean Hip Hop Activist Subverso, RebelDiaz collective and many more….
Today we feature writer/editor Anthony Arnove – check him out.